Day two.

Oct. 19th, 2010 10:46 pm
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I had a very long day today that taxed my brain. My phone rang constantly and it seemed like every one of my customers wanted to ask me a question. In actuality, maybe it was about five people that phoned me, but each call lasted at least fifteen minutes. I did two hour-long training sessions a half hour apart during my regular lunch break. I am very lucky my second session was one very smart lady so I didn't have to stop and explain everything in minutiae like I had to in my first one.

Three Letters of Termination came in today for three 401k plans. Add that to the two that came in yesterday. They all want to move in late December, and my New Year's Eve is already stacked with liquidation appointments. My boss wasn't kidding when she said things were going to pick up. I didn't think it would be so fast. This time last year I was just processing 403b ISA, PSA, and PEG requests and it was repetitive and tedious but relatively easy. This is not going to be the case this holiday season.

So I'm working on a hockey logo for a friend of mine. He asked and I'm doing it. I did three versions already, and some shoulder patches. I think it looks pretty cool for a hockey team that doesn't even exist. I also did a t-shirt design that reminds me of a vodka ad. I have been informed that's OK and the big, stinky stick-jocks that are my target market will love it. I wish that either shirt was going to be more than one color. The funding for the project is out-of-pocket (my buddy's own pocket) so it needs to get sold and it needs to make a profit. Considering all the t-shirt designs that I have done over the years, we have sold 95%-100% of everything I have designed. Let me clarify that I created and sold one medieval t-shirt design a year for ten consecutive years, and each printing run was about two gross of shirts. Some years, if the design was popular, we did a reprint the next year of a lesser quantity.

I think I am cocky with overconfidence that my one color t-shirt design is genius, but them I think I need to settle the heck down and do another design in case the first one really sucks and I just can't see it because I am blinded with my own creativity. My deadline is Sunday, and I hope I have a decision by then.

It will be an easier decision to make tomorrow.


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