Nov. 21st, 2010

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At least that's what it felt like. The bed was stripped and then covered with clean, folded bits of everything - socks, shirts, towels, sheets, etc. It's nice to have those darn baskets empty. For as many chores I plan to do in a weekend, I never get them all done. Every thing's done except the bathrooms. Maybe tomorrow.

Yesterday we went to the Art Show in St. Pete. Not as many cool vendors this year. I has some money I did not feel guilty about spending, but I didn't want anything. Instead, we had a great lunch and spent money at Ikea on gifts for other people, and stuff for the house like purple bed sheets. You can never have enough sheets and purple ones at that price don't come along every day.

Things are looking up. Karma is turning her wheel, finances are looking good, holidays don't look so awful, work is very busy. Except for the damn cat. She still feels the need to pee outside of her litter box. It's not that it's dirty, not that she's ever lacking for food or has the entire freakin' house to herself. It's always something small and irritating with that beast. Everything on the horizon looks great, except for the cat randomly peeing somewhere I don't want her to.

I am so tired from this weekend's activities. Too much fun, too many chores, not enough time in the day.

It's always something.


monalisa1492: La Gioconda (Default)

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