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And there's reason to believe maybe this year will be better than the last.

I am so happy that the end of the year is almost here. This year was very trying, and although I can't tell you about just one large issue that was totally overwhelming, it just happened to be a series of little things one after another. My situation, our situation, is not terrible. We suffered no major financial losses or threats, but our credit card balance was at an all time high. The man's father passed away suddenly, and tragically - but not painfully - in the backyard. It was lung cancer. My cat also met his end, also from lung cancer.

I was seriously hoping for some extra cash in the fourth quarter. I did manage to sell a photo to Toronto Magazine for a nice surprise sum. Not really the sum I was hoping for, but it was cash I wasn't expecting. Beckie and I are going to hold a rummage sale at the next SCA event we go to. Last year I made $207 off of stuff I don't want anymore. I hope to make the same or more this year. We'll see.

The holidays were a sort of trial for both of us with our families, none of which I am going to go into here. I have not been fond of the holidays for years now, and this year was no different. The man and I spent our reward points from three credit cards on gifts for ourselves. Yeah, we had quite a few. We're getting some nice stuff, including a stainless steel waffle maker.

I have high hopes for the upcoming year. I know it will not be like this year, and I know we will be challenged again at some point. I am already feeling more positive, and that kind of attitude can be productive. I already have piled a lot of projects on my plate, the first of which needs to be in the mail and postmarked by January 15th. I seriously need to finish that one if I do nothing else.


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