Feb. 11th, 2012

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I've been asked to do something that I'm good at to help out. If there wasn't so much baggage that went with that request, I would just do it and shut up about it.

It was mine to begin with. It was what I was originally hired for, and then it was taken from me without a real explaination.
Things that I used to do and processes I created to make things work were shredded once they left me. Where they went to, well... that someone's head grew three sizes once they had my job. OK, really more like 12 sizes. I'd say that head was always inflated, but hidden from the general public. Now the true colors were bursting about like a constant fireworks display for all to see.
I was given something else to do and I got really good at that. Now I do a lot of it and I've gotten some good fan mail and some excellent reviews. I rock.
Another responsibility was given to me that I was hesitant to take, but I got comfortable with that and now I'm all about it. I own them and they come to me for answers, and I am truly happy to help.
And then they wanted me to back up fat head since the fat head was now in charge of another similar task.
That was not something I could ever stomach, and I protested and was prepared to go on strike. Just talk to the hand, bitch.
Now I have been asked to step up and be a "hero" since the big giant head can't work with anyone else.
Really? Are you still talking to me?
I should also mention that there was a second person that was assigned to the big giant head's department that did a lot of work and really was eager to help. The big giant head was far too egotistical to think that anyone else would ever be as fabulous or as competent and that person was eventually beaten and evicted. I know this second person incredibly well. Like biblically incredibly well.
I hear tell people say that hard work is its own reward. I work hard at what I do. I have to say when I can make it all work out, I do feel pretty good about what I have accomplished.
I do have a problem when I am asked to do someone else's job for them AS WELL AS MY OWN when he/she has crowed loudly and widely about how he/she can do it all himself/herself.
I call shenanigans.
Maybe I should call chicanery instead. That does seem to fit better.
This situation sucks. I hope Karma makes a visit to the chicaner soon.
We all know Karma keep her own schedule and you never really know when she's actually going to show up. Like my friend Beckie.



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