Nov. 16th, 2010

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Been spending a lot of hours at my desk, doing my job, answering my phone. I am tired. Apparently it's the time of year - the end of the year - when retirement plans have to move. Why? Because it's the end of the year? You can move that damn plan anytime you want, so please don't tell me it has to be liquidated and the money wired to you on January 1, 2011. It's a Saturday and NO ONE will send a wire on a Saturday. You'll have to deal with it coming a day early or two days later. Yes, deal. Thank you.

Last Thursday and Friday was time well spent with my California sister. She was coming into town for a visit with Mom and it was my turn to pick up her at the airport and take her around town. We had a really good time, but unfortunately did a lot of driving too. The cool things are never close together, are they? She then spent two days at my oldest sister's house where Mom is currently in residence. It was a quick visit and she's already back home. Still, it's always a good visit. It's good to know that we think the same, have the same perception of things. Not all of my siblings are alike. Makes it interesting.

Saturday, the man and I attended Crown Tourney. I took lots of photos, talked to lots of people, skipped a meeting a took a long afternoon nap. Ahhh, bliss. It was not an exciting day, although some parts of it were very exciting and kind of eye-opening. I can take it or leave it, but when someone asks me to participate in a cool artistic project I get all focused and obsessive. I came up with all kinds of ideas, some of which I can implement on my own for my own benefit. I do have a deadline, so I need to get cracking. The deadline is, of course, self imposed. If I don't have a deadline, I will putter around with an idea for years. Years. No lie.

I am finding that I am becoming more self-directed. That's good. For a long time, I had to be part of something to be happy. I still enjoy being part of a group project, but it's OK if it doesn't happen. I am also being sought out for my design talent - something I tried so hard to make others see. Now that I don't give a rat's ass if I ever design anything for anyone ever again, here they come with their requests. It's nice. I feel like I am recognized for what I can do, not what I have to do. Each request fills my brain and I start the creative process at the mere suggestion of the possibilities of what it could actually become. Lucky, none of my ideas have cost me money yet, just my time and energy and mad drawing skills. I find myself wanting to create again. After being in a rut for so long, it feels pretty darn good to want to make something.

Then there's my job. I'm getting better at it. I am able to balance more than one task at a time, although I do tend to forget at least one thing that has to get pushed off to the next day. Thank goodness for sticky notes! I feel like they are part of my brain that doesn't get tired from thinking and solving problems. It's good and bad. I am challenged by this job, but I haven't made a major mistake yet. I hope to never do that. Believe me, I have screwed up, but I've been very lucky. Like forgetting to sell $92k of securities, but finding out it was the money market fund that has an unchanging value. So very lucky indeed.


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