Nov. 3rd, 2010

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Speaking confidently does not make you right.
It's good to have confidence to tackle any obstacle. It's also good to have humility to admit you are wrong. If you are confident, and you are confident the people around you are morons, then you're an egotistical, insecure bully that needs some therapy. Let's discuss your daddy issues, shall we?

Always lock your doors.
I would love to give my fellow man the benefit of the doubt, but he has disappointed me on too many occasions.

Books, magazines, newspapers, cereal boxes, catalogs, billboards, directions, fine print, old book reports from 5th grade. Read it all and formulate your own opinions. Don't let anyone make your personal decisions for you. For crissakes you have a brain - have an opinion, have a thought, have a discussion.

Life isn't fair.
There are lots of ass-kissers out there who don't mind throwing you under the bus, taking credit for things they haven't done, and telling the world how wonderful they are. It will seem like no one will ever do anything about these suck ups. Take a close look at these folks. They are pretty miserable, lonely, insecure - those that are miserable want everyone else to be miserable too. Don't get sucked into their drama. Those at the top of the heap tend to get pushed or fall off by themselves. Don't worry, they'll be screaming that it wasn't their fault to begin with as they get escorted out the door by HR. Or if we're really lucky, by the police.

Men should not dye their hair.
I feel very strongly about this if the man in question is suffering a mid-life crisis. It makes the man look a little foolish, and a little anxious, and overall very desperate. Don't do it. Men with gray hair are sexy. There is this one fellow I know who represented all of the above. If you dye your hair and your beard is white, who do you think is going to buy that look? Seriously.

Be responsible.
Take full responsibility for everything. It's your life, your decisions, your stuff. Own it. Embrace it. Never make a promise - or a threat - you don't intend to carry out.

Always wear the proper foundation garments.
This is true in any situation and applies to everyone. Next time you think you are looking suave by not wearing that bra/jockey shorts, you'll find yourself in an embarrassing situation where your friends, non-friends and your enemies will mock you unmercifully. Sometimes photos are taken and posted online for even better humiliation. You don't think so? Take a look at and tell me I'm wrong.


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