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Today the furniture for the guest room arrived! The bed filled up the entire room. It's a little overwhelming, but it is a room specifically for my guests to sleep in. We got a nice queen size bed so they can be extra comfy. I have some more things I need to do to finish it, but the furniture was the hardest part. Well, paying for the furniture I wanted was the hardest part as I did not want just any furniture. It needed to be comfortable, accommodating, made of wood and somewhat stylish. Style cost money

I paid the bills tonight. Not like we are suffering, not like we don't have cash for groceries, not as if anything will be repossessed... I just wish we had a little more than we do. Nothing but whining here, wishing for more. I am seriously hoping for a holiday bonus. Since I am now in a company that may actually give out a monetary bonus instead of a luncheon catered by Sonny's BBQ, I think about it often. I know I am probably getting my hopes up for no good reason, but a girl can hope.

What would I do with that little extra cash? Either pay off some credit card debt or put it in the cigar box for a nice vacation. I am hoping the darn stock I have will go up to $14 so we can sell it, make a nice little profit even with Uncle Sam taking his share of it, and get that debt down. If that happens, I can put the hopeful bonus money towards a trip.

I got my eye on Egypt right now. That's going to cost me a bunch of cash, and I don't exactly know when that trip is going to happen. It will. I also want to go to Machu Picchu. I found a cruise that will take me there and down the Amazon River for a couple of days. That will be after Egypt, and maybe after another trip back to Europe.

We are not going anywhere anytime soon. I like to plan, and I am not patient, so it's a mostly fruitful combination as long as I stay focused. Staying focused is something I am not good at. What a combination.
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