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It's been 16 years since I married my Mr. Right. Don't regret a thing about doing it and never had a second thought. To celebrate our time together, we dedicated a whole weekend to fun. We tried to plan, but sometimes when we make plans things don't turn out as well, so it was a half planned, half spontaneous kind of weekend date.

It started on Friday afternoon when I pinged him with "Want to go to Drag Queen bingo?" And he replied, "Yeah, I do." So I made a reservation for two and we made it there on time. It was a horseshoe-shaped dinner theater with three levels, and we were to the side and in the third tier. We weren't there long when we got moved down to the floor table with a much better view and (possibly) a much better spot to be harassed from by the Drag Divas. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it ended up being a really great and fun time. Lots of profanity, derogatory insults, drinking and bingo. Drag Queen Bingo has its own rules, and not being an active participant is grounds for harassment no matter who you are. They knew how to dish it. I would love to go back again. Great dinner theater in a charming, out-dated smalltown fashion kind of way.

Saturday was a day of great debate when we tried to find a spot in Sarasota that encompassed interaction with monkeys. We were not able to find anything in that part of town, so I asked the man if we could go to Mote Marine Aquarium instead. It's both an aquarium and a research laboratory. It was cool, kind of small, but definitely had its good points. I got to see a loggerhead turtle up close and took lots of pictures of her. We saw some rescued great horned owls, some live puffer fish, and lots of weird jellyfish. We also took a two-hour Eco Tour of Sarasota Bay which turned out to be interestingly educational and fun. The day was clear and the water was calm. Lots of dolphins were sighted (as in lots of dorsal fins were sighted).

We were going to go to St. Armand's Circle for dinner, but we spotted a restaurant on the bay and ate there instead. We shared mahi, steamed shrimp, fries and salad. We did end up at the Circle anyways as there was some debate regarding dessert, and the dessert in question was gelato. We found a wonderful little French place that had real divine macarons and gelato - of which we purchased some of each. Daryle got a wonderful tiki shirt from Taffy's Menswear, and I got a new piece of art for the kitchen that has to do with the always asked but never really answered "why are we here?" question.

Tonight for dinner we ate at Roy's Hawaiian Fusion in Tampa. We like to do a fancy dinner for our anniversary, and this year we were having a hard time deciding where to go. I am on the mailing list for Roy's Tampa, and I got an email at 3:30pm on Friday stating that they are going to have a special dinner with the head chef. I looked at my email at 4:30 and was sure we'd get in. Sadly, we did not as the event was booked in 25 minutes. We were the first on the waiting list and, lucky for us, two people canceled and we got the call at 6pm Saturday night! We had a six-course meal with the head chef Rob Leto. We talked about all kinds of things for about two-and-a-half hours. I am still feeling pretty uncomfortable after eating it all. I should have stopped after the short ribs and took my dessert home, but I ate it anyway and all of it was delicious.

To sum up: No monkeys, Sarasota Bay, six-course gourmet meal, St. Armand's Circle, Drag Queen Bingo, and sixteen happy years. That's pretty darn good.
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